Wellness & Spa

Share our passion for wellness and spa treatments throughout your stay. Relax and rejuvenate in the hands of our experienced therapists. Year on year we put an effort to offer services other summer vacation hotels don't. There are all yours for free or at the most affordable prices possible. 


The miracle of sauna. Instant relaxation and body detox throughout your stay at Lozenets View Hotel.

Free To All Of Our Guests

Steam Bath

The benefits of steam bath are endless. 

Free To All Of Our Guests

Body Detox Massage

The massage starts with repetitive strokes to facilitate the lymphatic system and ignite body’s internal filtration system. To achieve a deep lymphatic drainage the therapist will then use a set of glass cups called lymphodrainer, which also help undo the accumulation of fat, eliminates the toxins, fluids and impurities in the body.

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Back Massage

A must do for all of you that have back pains or feel discomfort during any activity where back muscles are involved. The massage has positive effects on tight, weak, or atrophied tissues. It improves your joint flexibility and body posture among other core benefits. Depending on your needs you can opt in for Swedish, Deep-tissue or Ashiatsu massage. 



Wellness and spa treatments should be booked at least a day in advance as time slots are limited. Submit a request by filling the form or give us a call. 

Wellness & Spa
Lozenets View Hotel